1. Courier Services: The first of its kind in the country, it was established in the year 1983. Over a period of 33 years, the company grew with 114 zonal offices and thousands of agencies and sub-agencies, run by a well-trained workforce, covering even the most remote places in the country.
  2. Parcel Services: Starting its operations in 2004 with only 24 vehicles, Continental Parcel Service has widened its network with the help of a growing number of vehicles. For its safe, quick and timely delivery, Continental Parcel Service is trusted by the largest companies of Bangladesh for the distribution of their products and equipment’s.
  3. Innovation of Continental Courier:
    1. On Board Courier (OBC): ‘On Board Courier’ is an initiative of Continental Courier Service. Though OBC, Continental organizes and ensures delivery of its customers’ consignment within division and inter-division, rather than receiving all its consignments in the central sorting station at Dhaka. Furthermore, a staff member is designated with every shipment to ensure on-time delivery.
    2. Weather Proof Bag: “Weather and Pilferage Proof” bags, also known as “Poly Bags” are used in order to ensure protection of our customers’ consignments. Multiple sizes are provided as per the requirement of customers.
    3. Top Urgent Service: ‘Top Urgent’ services for are provided for customers who need an immediate delivery for their documents. Under this service, if a document is shipped Dhaka-Dhaka, it will be delivered within 1-4 hours and noon of the following day for rest of the country.
  4. Domestic Coverage: Continental has the largest sales and distribution network in Bangladesh, for example, there are 140 agencies in the Dhaka Metropolitan area.
  5. Distribution Process: